We are a startup company with a core mission of helping people take control of their nutrition, eventually leading to a long-lasting positive change in the health of people using our service. taste.li LVC is located in Riga, Latvia, with our founders coming from Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.


Chronic disease is Europe’s leading cause of mortality, with over 33% of the population above the age of 15 experiencing a chronic disease today. On average, by the time a person reaches retirement, ⅔ people will have suffered from at least two chronic conditions, according to the World Health Organisation. Our core market is Germany, and we are gradually rolling out the service to Switzerland, Austria, and the UK in the following 20 months.


Our solution allows people to take control of their health – one meal at a time. We also believe that healthy food can be taste.li, it is not an either/or. We strive to alleviate the negative health impact that the modern lifestyle has on our users. Our approach started out around the core idea that we want to change the way people think about nutrition. Change starts with awareness, so that’s where our journey started, in 2017. We want to make our users aware of their habits and gradually transform their nutritional habits. We are doing so by providing personalized meal plans that are not just healthy, they are healthy especially for a specific individual.


Normally with nutritional services, it is always assumed that variables of nutritional benefits, taste, and price are always subject to a compromise where you can have ⅔ or ⅓ only – e.g. good taste and high nutritional value are expected to come at a high price, low price and high nutritional value are expected to come with a bad taste. What is different about our service is that we take into consideration your preferences. We understand there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to food. It needs to be taste.li!

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." - T. Washington
Stefano Glauser

Stefano Glauser


Stefano gained experience in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. He noticed how little the subject of nutrition in the health market is treated. That is why his personal aim is to make this information accessible to these people in order to create a higher quality of life.

Marc-Antoine van Haute

Marc-Antoine van Haute


With his academic and practical experience in finance, he brings the right and important skills in finance and controlling to the team.
He is enthusiastic about the idea and sees in this area a great opportunity, which he actively supports with his technical know-how.

Alessandro Valente

Alessandro Valente


Alessandro is the last person to have joined the team but without his enthusiasm and technical abilities the project would have been cut short.
Beside being the CTO, he is a real technical expert and advisor on our team and brings lots of experience and skill in projects of different dimensions.


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